Great Budget Christmas Trip Ideas

By Cozette M. White

Many families hit the road during the holidays. With kids of school, they take advantage of the time off and explore new destinations. However, with a tight economy and many families on a budget it may be difficult to find a family vacation that fits the budget.

Here are five great budget Christmas Trip Ideas.

#1 Las Vegas – While sin city isn’t marketing itself as a family destination any more, there is still a lot for families to do here. New Year can be expensive in Vegas but the Christmas holiday is generally pretty affordable. Additionally, there are always great package deals you can find. The family activities you can find in Vegas include:

* Magic shows
* Aquarium
* Circus Circus
* Rock climbing and hiking at Red Rock Park
* Roller Coasters
* Water parks and hotel pools
* All the food a kid can eat and then some!

#2 Indoor water parks – Across the nation, in generally inexpensive areas, there are indoor water parks. You can make a family trip out of visiting one of these areas. And who doesn’t like to splash in the pool in the middle of December?

Check out these places online:

* They have 12 indoor water parks around the country
* This lodge and water park is located in Queensbury New York
* in New Jersey

#3 Head to a Christmas-themed location – Check out Santa Claus Indiana or Bethlehem Pennsylvania for holiday locations. Check with the local travel bureau to make sure you and your family will have enough to do while you’re there. You can also make it part of a road trip. For example, if you’re heading to Santa Claus, Indiana, you can also check out the Indianapolis Zoo or visit Bloomington and enjoy the art scene.

#4 Take a cruise – Cruising is becoming a great way to spend quality family time. Cruises like the Disney Cruise aren’t a budget breaker and they can be a fantastic getaway for the whole family. There are other cruise lines, including a Nickelodeon Cruise if you have younger children. Check out the package deals online or with a travel agent.

#5 Visit Central America – Nicaragua and Costa Rica are both becoming fantastic places for the whole family to vacation. They’re safe, they have jungles and ocean opportunities, and they’re budget friendly. Check with a travel guide or online to make plans.

When it comes to holiday travel, look outside the box for opportunities. Look locally too. You never know; you may be able to find your best vacation ever, just a few hours away.