Meet Cozette M. White

meetpicCozette M. White, MBA, a transformational speaker and money coach inspires individuals to live in purpose, embrace passion and achieve personal greatness through a balance in work and life. Cozette has an exhilarating presence that compels people to stop allowing limits placed on them to hinder their financial progression toward becoming all they were destined to be.

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Rave Reviews

image5“Cozette was on our platform for our annual Bow Tie and Big Hat event and what a dynamic speaker! When I tell you her personal story was amazing…it was AMAZING! Her energy spoke to the hearts of many. As I looked around the room, Ms. White had every person in the audience in suspense on the edge of their seats! What a POWERFUL story! She has the ability to empower you from the inside out. She provided information that we could put to use immediately. I am excited to know hands down we will beworking with her for years to come!”

Marshea Chambers-Mayfield

image6“When I asked Cozette to speak during my THRIVING Mindset Mentor program I realized I didn’t know much of her back story; I just knew she knew her financial stuff. But when she took the platform…I tell you she was able to breathe hope into me and many other Single Savvy Women regarding our financial fight. She made me realize the financial struggle can affect anyone at any time but you need not wallow in it and get stuck you’ve just got to push through and create a plan and succeed. She’s energized, dynamic and she engaged the entire community! She will definitely be invited to our event next year.”

Jennifer “MsJennifer Pink” Davis
CEO & Founder at The P.I.N.K. Foundation and The Single Mom Sage at Ms. Jennifer Pink The Single Mom Sage

image7“I heard Cozette speak at the Unstoppable Confidence Networking Conference and was completely blown away by her inspiring journey into entrepreneurship. Cozette is passionate about her work and truly is talking the talk and walking the walk. I highly recommend hearing Cozette speak, you will not be disappointed.”

Paris Love, CEO Paris Love Productivity Institute

image8“Cozette White is passionate and very serious when it comes to helping and training women how to up-level their financial management skills. Cozette has created an international financial empowerment movement through her Infinity Wealth Circles, Speaking Engagements and Coaching Programs. Women flock to Cozette’s programs because she is able to simplify and provide practical strategies for managing finances, increasing savings and creating wealth.”

Stephanie D. Burroughs – Stephanie Speaking LLC, Scotch Plains, NJ